Mylar Bags 3.5 grams - Why you need them for your business

Dispensaries often use cool Mylar bags for 3.5g (3.5 grams) of cannabis or other products for several reasons:

  • Preservation of freshness: Cannabis products can degrade over time due to exposure to air, light, and moisture. Mylar bags are made of a material that is airtight, light-resistant, and moisture-resistant, which can help to preserve the freshness of the product.
  • Discretion: Mylar bags are opaque on one side and clear on the other, which makes it visibile to see the quality of product but at the same time help to maintain discretion when carrying the product and can also help to prevent theft.
  • Compliance: Many states require dispensaries to package cannabis products in child-resistant packaging. Mylar bags can be designed to meet child-resistant packaging regulations. All mylar bags sold on THE HUNDRED8 can be heat sealed. We recommend to do so for child-resistant packaging.
  • Branding: Some dispensaries use Mylar bags as a way to promote their brand. You will not find our designs any where else. We design our bags in house and are not purchased from as mass distributor like many others.